Maytag MAWADREMS1 Side-by-Side Washer & Dryer Set with Top Load

Whirlpool Cabrio Washer And Dryer For Smart Laundry


Moving to a new house or apartment is a great thing and a tiring thing also at once. It is great because we will have a new environment, tiring, because it means that you need to arrange your stuff and perhaps you need something new. It is not always about whole decoration or style, sometimes you just realize that you need new appliance like washer or dryer when you are moving in to a new house.

Whirlpool, one of the finest home appliance manufacturers gives us the opportunity to look closer at their washer and dryer. The washer is the Cabrio 4.8 cu.ft, with efficient top load washer wrapped in white body. It uses adaptive wash technology equipped with active bloom wash to sense and automatically adapt the need of water on each load. Though, you will manually choose the cycle for your load, the washer will help you also in deciding the used cycle. Simply press “what” and “how” to customize your wash for a variety of fabrics. The generous capacity of the washer allows you to put more clothes on the tube. The smooth wave stainless steel washing basket guides the clothes gently and helps to protect fabrics from fraying and snags. The memory planted in the machine, help you in remembering the last cycle session that you use. This offers you to use the same cycle or not. As the current standard for home appliance, this machine is equipped with soundproof technology. This will create low noise even stay calm when it is operating. This Whirlpool washer costs $498.60

LG Washer & Dryer Sets
LG Washer & Dryer Sets

The couple for the Cabrio 4.8 cu.ft washer is Cabrio 8.8 cu.ft High-Efficiency Electric Dryer. This white coated dryer is labeled as the Energy Star one. Have ou noticed the capacity for this dryer? Yup, it is 8.8 cu.ft  capacity, a very generous space for drying the load. This giant dryer features 24 drying cycles, including sanitize, heavy duty, and gentle to cover all your need in keeping the clothes looks well and ready to wear. The cycle is also equipped with five temperature setting to provide the ideal heating system for each of your fabrics and cloth types. To make sure that your item is dried efficiently an advanced moisture sensor is planted in the dryer system. The common issue after using dryer is the wrinkle. Whirlpool tries to solve that by having the wrinkle shield feature. This will make our item free from the wrinkle but it is also helping you in saving the ironing time. When the machine is done with the load, it will emerge the end-of-cycle signal to notify you that your item is done. This giant dryer costs $648.90 for those who want it.

Whirlpool also provides other choice on the washer. It comes from Cabrio series also, called Cabrio 5.3 cu.ft. The first thing noticed is the capacity that is larger than the previous washer, so this is a good choice for you who has much load. The other feature is similar to the washer explained before. The larger capacity costs higher, we need $648.90 to bring this washer home.

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