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Keeping our body fit and healthy is the duty of everyone. Ensuring the food and water that comes inside the body is sufficient for our body and activity needs more effort than writing it in a paper. Sometimes, when we drown into our activity, we forget to refresh our body by drinking plenty of water or nutritious food. Thus we need to make sure that the water dispenser or at least a pitcher is available in our reachable area, to remind us that our “fuel” is running out. Thus, you must need a water dispenser that is suitable with your room. Here are two types of dispenser that might meet your needs.

First, let us see the living room or family room. This is a place where you spend much of your time. Meeting up with your guest or relatives, watching a favorite TV series or DVD, and for you who have the flexible work, this might be also your working station. Besides equipping it with comfort furniture, and ensure that it has good air and light circulation having a water dispenser there to support your work is needed. Besides when you are talking with guest, the presence of water dispenser in your living room will ease them in taking the liquid.

It is a top load dispenser manufactured by Aquverse. This high volumes water dispenser is having sleek design that will complement to any home decoration. Supported with a convection cooling with internal spring mounted and high volume internal heating coils makes this dispenser serve the water on the maximum temperature. It is 38-58 degrees cold (adjustable through the thermostate) and 185 degrees hot. This is a low maintenance dispenser. The cold-rolled metal sides only need light wiping using a damp cloth, since it is a fingerprint and smudge resistant. The safe-drip tray is a removable one, so we can pull it out for while and clean it in a dishwasher. the push style faucet also ease us in taking water. The hot faucet is secured with a protection system. To equip your living room with this water dispenser, you need to prepare $229.99 first.

Glacier Bay Bottom Load Water Dispenser in Stainless Steel
Glacier Bay Bottom Load Water Dispenser in Stainless Steel

Second, look at the kitchen. Having fun cooking and serving the family good meals sometimes makes you forget the needs of water for your boy. Thus you need a dispenser to remind you to drink. It is Aquverse 5ph water dispenser that will accompany your activity in the kitchen. This is a bottom load water dispenser. Besides reminding you to keep being hydrated this water dispenser also helps you in running the cook. The bottom load system will ease you when it is time to change the bottle. Aquverse also offers a bottleless water system one, it directly connected to your water source and being processed whether to be hot or cold.  The standard feature like the exterior and the faucet is the same as the one in your living room. To have this as your cooking companion makes sure you prepare $319.99 to pay the online retail.

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