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To have enough natural sun light supply sometimes requires more effort to us. Having an open window or a large glass window will do the move, but when we are in the day light, sometimes the sun is just too generous in pouring its light to us. Therefore having the right protection is the solution. Installing a vertical blind will be the nicest one. Unlike curtain that blocks all the light that causes darkening effect on the room, the blind will filter the light. It still allows the light in a certain amount coming into the room. Lowes as an online furniture shop shows us one of the vertical brand product.

It is a Levolor manufacture product that made of polyethylene material. The material chosen guarantees a durable and long lasting usage. The vane shape of this series looks traditionally gorgeous to this vertical blind. The vane material is designed to be the low maintenance one. The vinyl material only requires dust removing from its surface to keep it clean. Only by wipe it regularly using dry cloth will keep its look until some years to come. A little bit different from the horizontal blind, the vertical blind is aimed to filter light in a wider area. So, it is suitable for large windows, or a glass sliding door. it filters the light in the day and give private security in the night. To have the standard Levolor vertical blind you need to prepare $21.97 the size for the standard blind is 3.5-in x 84-in.

Besides the fixed size and price Levolor also allows us to have the vertical blind based on our need and preference by opening the custom blind service. There are some points that become the plus points of the custom product.

How Long Can I Expect Vertical Blinds To Last? Great Question
How Long Can I Expect Vertical Blinds To Last? Great Question

The first point is about appearance. Levolor realizes that their product might be placed in the place where people are coming in and out. Thus they do really care about the look of the product. Their serious concern is shown in their colors availability. They provide more than 200 colors choice for the product. They also provides various patterns, from fabric textures from linen to silk and the natural textures that inspired by the bamboo, wood, and leather, or the Faux Textures that is featuring stencil, faux wall painting, and sponging. All of these features will help us a lot when it is time installing it. Though it is a kind of small element in the house but having it matched to other house furniture is a must. So, picking up the right pattern in the right color should be done. For example a white vertical blind, can be a complement for a modern dining room that has wall-painted in beige. The brown ceramic floor tile and a set of modern dining table with white porcelain dinner set will keep the red line of the dining room.

The custom blind also let you choose whether you want a darkening effect for your room or you only need to filter the light supply. To know the price of the custom blind, you can directly contact the nearest Lowes store in your place.

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