Whirlpool 25 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator in Fingerprint

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Reading product review is the best way to do self observation. Through reading a product review we also involve the activity of finding, comparing, and deciding. Just like the recent record by the homedepot.com about top rated refrigerators. Such record helps us a lot in deciding which home appliance I should buy.

The first product is the most affordable one. Frigidaire refrigerator series fftr1814qw recorded as the most rated refrigerator in homedepot.com. It promotes the full width racks in door storage. This feature allows us to store large items in the door storage, such as the gallon milk. It can accommodate tall and large stuff in the door shelves. The humidity controlled feature also planted into this fridge. This feature is responsible for temperature adjustment inside the fridge. The optional icemaker ease our life up by letting us not to fill ice trays but guarantee us that we will have ice supply ready to grab.  So far, there is no major dissatisfaction statement about this refrigerator. To have the fridge being installed in your kitchen first you need to prepare $448.20

The second product is Maytag mfi2269frz. Designed in French door style this luxurious fridge will be suitable for your traditional Scandinavian kitchen style. Maytag produce this refrigerator series in three different colors that is black, stainless steel, and white. Therefore mixing and matching it will not be a difficult problem. The main features of this Maytag series are on its physical appearance and also its cooling technology. Built-in with heavy-duty components this stainless steel material fridge is a fingerprint resistant one. This keeps the fridge look gorgeous anytime. The second point is about its cooling system. Maytag promotes POWERCOLD feature in this series. This technology allows us to chill the inside of the refrigerator only in second right after we press the button. After we activate the POWERCOLD it will detect which part needs more cooling down which one is no longer need that. This series also feature a beverage chiller compartment that will keep drinks nice and cold. This Maytag fridge costs $1,889.10

The third one is coming from GE collection, coded as gse25hshss. This double door refrigerator received a lot of review from the customer and most of them are good complement. Some main features of this fridge are its adjustable slide-out, spill-proof glass shelves. It will avoid the spilling water or ice when we need take it from the dispenser. GE also offers a generous capacity for storing house food stuffs. They give a 15.7 cu.ft fresh food capacity and 9.7 cu.ft. freezer capacity. GE also plants a water filtration system. This will reduce the bacteria in your water. This filtration system will last about six months, then you need to change the filter. Last feature from this GE fridge is the door alarm. The door will produce certain sound when we unfortunately forgot to close the door after picking up something. This GE gse25hshss costs $1,439.10 before we allow to bring it home.

Whirlpool 25 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator in Fingerprint
Whirlpool 25 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator in Fingerprint

The next fridge is from Samsung collections. It is coded as Samsung rf28hmedbsr refrigerator. This French door style fridge will be the most expensive among the other. It costs $2,097.90 to bring it home. This series promotes the use of FlexZone drawer that allow us to have four possible compartments. Its adjustable shelves also ease us in storing taller items. Samsung plant a twin cooling plus system in which this technology works to keep the fridge humidity and freezer dryness in the same time. By maintaining the temperature it will affect on our food stuff. The big space and the high technology applied in this fridge will make us wonder about the energy usage. Surprisingly, this series is categorized into the energy saver one.

The last rated refrigerator is coming from LG collection. The catalogue name of this product is LG lfx28968st refrigerator. This French door styled fridge will complement the look of your modern minimalist kitchen well. This slim body fridge offer us a smart cooling system in which it can detect which part of the fridge needs more cooling and which one is not. We also can manually adjust the cooling system using a user friendly control panel and the digital sensors. Other standard feature like water impurities, adjustable shelves, dispensers and so on is fully guarded by a ten ears limited warranty on selected elements. To have this fridge, you need to prepare your cash $1,897.20

The interesting thing about homedepot top rated fridge is that its various price range happen in the product. Therefore, as a customer we can choose on which product our needs is accommodated and its budget is affordable for us. As it is already said, these five fridges is the ones that receive most review from the customers, and most of the reviews said that they feel good in having them in their kitchen.

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