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The Best Two Sound Absorbing Rug Pads


Do you feel that at certain moment your house is too noisy? Whether the noisy is coming from the operating appliance, the chatter, or other random sound that caught up by your ear? If you think that the noisy is annoyingly disturbed you, having sound dampening effect furniture could be the best choice for you. Planting sound absorbing rug pad on your floor will help you a lot in minimizing the noisy that you heard. As consideration, Rug Pad USA offers its catalogue as a reference.

There are two interesting rugs from the catalogue. The first is Rug Pad USA Superior Lock. It is already indicated by its name that the main feature of this rug pad is the maximum grip technology that will keep the pad being locked to the floor itself. This means that the slipping possibility for both the pad and the rug install above it is in minimum level. Therefore having your toddler playing on it will remain safe. The thick cushion offer by the manufacturer plays two important roles at once. First it gives soft layer for you in your room. Second, it supports the anti-slip feature by providing pore surface that will hold the position in certain place. Moreover the thick layer of cushioned will preserve the beauty of your rug, so it will extend the life of your rug. 

The durability also becomes the key feature that is highlighted by the manufacturer. The material combination allows us to have a durable, odor-free, match with all floor type and finishing. Manufactured from recycled felt and natural rubber, this rug pad is best match with polyurethane and other glossy floor finishes prone to staining it with PVC, vinyl, and plastic padding. Moreover, it backed up with 20 years warrant for this rug pad. 

This $30.95 rug pad is having superior needle-punched felt surface that will prevent bunching, creeping and curling at corners. The rich dense felt core soften the rug and also preventing the floor from scratching. 

The second choice is named rug pad USA eco plush. The distinctive point from this rug pad is that it is less gripping than the Superior Lock. However, you do not need to worry actually, the gripping ability is enough to support the rug in our floor. Made off dense, heat-pressed felt fibers, the eco plush rug pad is claimed to be softer, last longer, and odor-free rug pad. Sure that there is no adhesive substance, glues, or bonding agents in the material, this rug pad is safe for floor (will not leave stain and scratch). As it is indicated by its series name, this rug pad is having a license for its free-chemicals, glues, or adhesives. Thus it actually a good choice for covering your floor, besides you will get the softer floor, it also can reduce the noisy, plus it is already proven that it is eco friendly. Considering its feature, this eco plush rug pad is best for larger area in which it does not need the protection against slipping. 

Remembering that you will get all of those features $19.95 budget that you should spent is a reasonable one.

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