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Tempurpedic Adjustable Bed


In your opinion what item that influences your sleeping quality most? People believed that the quality of your bed influence their sleeping quality most. Having an un-comfort bed contributes most on the low quality of their rest. Do you have the same experience? If you answer yes to this question, then getting a new bed might be helpful for you. To widen up your reference about bed, looking at Tempurpedic catalogue is a good choice.

There are three types of bed that offers by this manufacturer. The first one, it is a Tempurpedic Premier Adjustable Base. As it is indicated by its name this bed base offers some premier feature. As you might already predict this bed highlight the adjustable feature. Especially on this premier series, it has unlimited ergonomic positions. It raises the head up to 70º and feet up to 37º. This position is perfect to support us while we are sleeping, reading, or watching movies or TV in the bed. The second feature of this series is the massaging program. There are four massage options that you can choose. They are standard, wave, synchronized wave, and pulse. The fun fact is that you can adjust your sleeping feature through wireless LCD remote and you also can adjust it via smartphone or tablet. As the era of smartphone emerges, this might be a prototype of smartbed. This bed is equipped with the ability to memorize up to four preset ergonomic position. Other fun fact, all the feature above is an individual one. Meaning that when you have a king size Tempurpedic bed, you can set each side for different adjustment. Thus your partner will not be bother of your sleeping position. The price range for this series is started from $1,899.00 for the twin size up to $3,798.00 for the California King Size.

The second series called Tempurpedic Ergo Plus Adjustable Bed. Similar to the previous series, this bed is focusing on the adjustable feature. The ergonomic position allow us to raise the head part up to 70º and the feet up to 40º this will support us perfectly while sleeping or doing other activity in the bed. Equipped with the memory positions, this bed can memorize 2 preset ergonomics position. Those features are applied for an individual space. Therefore, your sleeping partner should not be bother by your sleeping adjustment. This bed can go with a 12” legs, or the lower one like 9”, 6.5”, or 4.5” legs. The legs can be purchased separately. The size of this bed is starting from Twin ($1,199.00) up to California King ($2,398.00).

Last but not least, Tempur Up Foundation Adjustable Bed. This is might be the most ordinary bed from Tempurpedic. The ergonomics adjustment is applied for the whole bed (not individual one). Its head can raise up to 55º, this will help you to have comfort position in your sleep. To rise up or head it down, this bed is equipped with an easy to use remote to head-up, head-down or return to flat. This bed fits standard bed frame or you can purchase the leg separately by choosing the 9”, 6.5”, or 4.5” legs. The price itself for this series range starts from $699.00 (twin size) up to $1,398.00 (Split California King).

For the first and second series (the premier and the Ergo Plus) it is suggested that you also purchase the mattress from Tempurpedic. Since the bed adjustment possible the individual move, so a specific designed mattress is needed.

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