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Have you experienced that it is hard for you to find certain file from your cabinet? Whether you are starting your own business, or being employed for certain institution, filing management is a crucial thing to do. The order of the file needs more attention in order to help us in finding it at a later time. Therefore, it is not only the file management that should be upgraded, but it is also the storage. So far, did you already have the proper storage for your files? If you are shaking your head to this question here are two cabinets that you might be interested in.

First it is Easy2go 2-Drawer Mobile File Cabinet. This two-drawer mobile cabinet is manufactured by Easy2Go home appliance and designed to accommodate letter size hanging files. The hanging systems will ease you in arranging and finding the file when you need it later. For easy sliding in and out of the drawers, this cabinet is equipped with casters, for move it from place to place wheels also planted in each leg of the cabinets.

This simple yet attractive design of the cabinet is suitable with wide range of office décor, from modern minimalist up to classical office décor will suit this cabinet. The resort cherry laminate finishing technique is nicely assembled by elegant black handles. This combination makes this cabinet not only functional but it also nice furniture. It is stated that the price to bring this cabinet home is $49.99

The other cabinet is a 3-drawer vertical Cabinet. Having bigger capacity and dimensions than the previous cabinet, this Staples manufacturer product is equipped with single lock security for the top two drawers. This feature creates a secure space for confidential document that cannot be accessed by everyone. Each high side drawers accommodates letter size files in hanging storage. To smoothen the open and close process, each drawer of this cabinet is equipped with glide suspension. Therefore opening and closing file storage will no longer attract people attention. Finished in sleek back technique, this cabinet will complement any space in your home office or professional ones. The simple and straightforward design shows the professionalism and elegant atmosphere to its surrounding. This design that finished in rich black color makes this cabinet goes with every office or room decoration.

It is only one thing that maybe a minor point of this cabinet. It is the absence of wheels in the bottom of the cabinet. It seems that the manufacturer designs this cabinet not to be the moving cabinet but a fixed in a place one. Therefore Staples, as the manufacturer, did not install wheels on it. For one who has fixed working station and the storage is specified for a certain purpose this might not be a big problem, but for ones with high mobility working station and tend to rotate the usage of the storage this requires a little bit more effort. Cause you need to lift your storage up and move it. out of that this is a considerable storage to have. Staples cost us $87.46 for having this three drawers cabinet.

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