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Body movement and activity becomes the big issue for workers. Commonly an officer spends eight hours a day to do the job while sitting. They will remain sitting when driving the car or taking a bus ride. Thus, the body movement is very limited. Realizing this fact, people start to look at more ergonomic stuff for their office. Besides to support their work it also help them in keeping the body fit.

One working desk that you can consider to enhance your old workstation is Varidesk Pro Plus 36. This ergonomic standing desk is manufactured in three sizes and some available colors. The smallest size of this standing table is 30 inch, and the biggest one is 48 inch. In the middle of them there is a 36 inch medium size table. This desk promises a comfortable working experience. It is believed that when we feel comfortable we will be productive and energizing. The key feature of this desk is its ergonomic adjustable height. This table allows you to have up to eleven height adjustment, this will help you dealing with your monitor and paperwork in every sitting and standing position. The aim of having this table is to let you keep doing your work while you are too tired even to sit.

Designed in two layer of table, you can easily put this desk on top of our exiting table work. In the upper layer of the standing desk you may put your monitor or laptop there. The spacious surface allows you to have double monitor or having laptop and monitor in the same time. The thing you must remember is the maximum weight that can be accommodated b this table. The biggest size of this table (the Pro Plus 48) can hold the maximum weight up to 45 lbs (about 20.4 kg). The support stability and the sturdiness is always in there even though we have the table fully extended. The common problem of an ergonomic, extended table is when we need to extend the table you need to move some items. By using this table you can minimize that habit, just make sure you put all the items as far as the adjustment element. You can put your keyboard and mouse in the lower layer of the table. While to arrange your paperwork, you can put them in a folder and put it back in your desk. This desk will suit the needs of various workers from the executive officer, the freelance workers, or a researcher at once.

Amazon.com : FlexiSpot 27
Amazon.com : FlexiSpot 27

This desk is available in five different colors. They are black, butcher block, darkwood, white, and zebra wood. The natural colors applied in this standing table ease this table to complement your current workstation. Having it in a minimalist home office will give the classical touch to your old working desk. But before installing it in your room, make sure you have done the purchasing procedure. You can place your order online through amazon.com or directly to the Veridesk website. The cost of this table is $395.00

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