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Serta Perfect Sleeper Reviews


Having a good bed will increase the sleeping quality. Thus choosing a bed cannot be a random pick. Doing research about what bed you should buy, what feature does the bed have, and many more what in our mind can be solved by browsing into the online market and observe there. Serta, the well-known bed manufacturer offers its series of Perfect Sleeper bed.

The first is the Laraine Luxury Firm. This bed has an extra thick layer of Serta’s EverCool Plus Memory Foam (the signature of Serta foam), and 886 custom support. It is an individually wrapped spring that gives stronger support to the surface. The mattress is also bundled with the Serta Pillow Soft Foam. The Serta’s pillow will comfort the body by providing enhanced cushioning. The Laraine Luxury firm, as it is indicated by its name focuses on the firmness of the mattress. It will support your resting time so that you will get the high quality rest with it. The thing (actually the question) comes into my mind the time I heard the perfect sleepers series is, what kind of sleeping experience this mattress will give, since it is called perfect sleeper. I finally found out (probably) it is the reasons why Serta finally say that it is a perfect sleeper. This mattress can help us in resolving some sleeps problems. Like tossing and turning, lack of support due to the un-firm mattress, feeling too hot or too cold because of the upholstery material and filling, partner disturbance and mattress roll-off and sagging. On standard sale, Serta only sell the mattress. Yet, if you need the mattress foundation Serta also provide it. You can have it in one bundle of course with an adjustable price. For a standard queen size mattress only, you need to prepare about $1,599 if you buy mattress foundation at once, you need to prepare about $1,824 the uniqueness of Serta mattress foundation is that they provide an adjustable one. This allows you to change the height of the head part of the mattress.

The other choice for Serta Perfect Sleeper series is Reedman Plush Super Pillow Top. Coming from the same manufacturer and series, the applied technology to the Reedman is similar to Larraine one. The slight difference is in the filling section. The filling for this Reedman uses the Cool Action Gel Memory foam, supported by the individually wrapped coil innerspring. The different filling, creates different atmosphere. Reedman offer an extra deep soft layer and supportive at the same time. It also ease the common sleep problem as well. The perfect sleeper is available in complete size as indicated by the table.

2Twin XL
6California King
Serta mattress Black Share Goodbed Serta Perfect Sleeper Amesburg
Serta mattress Black Share Goodbed Serta Perfect Sleeper Amesburg

Serta offers more choice on Perfect Sleeper series, beside the best seller two reviewed above. It is listed below,

  1. Hynes Plush
  2. Reedman Plush
  3. Sedgewick Super Pillow Top Plush
  4. Sedgewick Firm
  5. Private Luxur Euro Top
  6. Vibrancy Pillow Top Elite
  7. Visby Lake Plush
  8. etc

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