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Reviews Dreamline Slimline Shower Base With Easy Step By Step Manual Installation


The perfect element installed in the bathroom totally determines the comfort of the bathroom. Do you ever notice that the usage of a shower base in the bathroom really contributes on your comfort because besides its function to be a way out for the water from your shower, it keeps your balance by providing a firm step while you are having a bath, and at the same time it gives beauty to your bathroom.

A single threshold shower base by The Dream Line Slim Line can be a choice when you are in renovating process of your bathroom. Offering dimensions of 60 in. W x 4 in. D x .75 in. H this shower base is a scratch and stain resistant acrylic. Designed to be a slip-resistant textured to be safe showering step, this white shower base is supported by cUPC certification. It is a license to measure the quality of sanitary plumbing system. This Dream Line shower base is reinforced by fiberglass for ensuring the durability of the base. The integrated tile flange is present to support the installation and waterproofing. The thing you need to consider before installing it is that the drain is not included into the purchase package, so besides you need to buy the drain separately, you need to consult to your plumber about the exact location of the drain, since the drain is centered on width only.

To install this shower base, you may follow some guidance below. Before that, during this process you might need some tools such as tape measure, pencil, level, and mortar to support your work. Make sure also that all the plumbing material (PVC pipe, and its installment) already done before.

  1. First, make sure that the stud and the floor is in the right angle and position. Drawing a light area in your bathroom will ease you. Provide 5” x 5” opening subfloor dedicated for the drain. The PVC waste pipe should extend above the surface of the sub-floor due to drain installation construction and the height of the shower base. You may consult to the professional plumber or see the instruction of installment in the manual guide book.
  2. Second, you need to install the shower drain (usually not included in the purchasing package), drain is usually consists of some layers, the correct installation order can be sought in the installation manual.
  3. Put your shower base on the designated area of your bath. Make sure the Drain body drops around the drain pipe and butt the shower base up against the floor.
  4. Put the tray on the floor and give marks on the floor above the upper edge of the tile flange.
  5. Give the bedding dough (mortar, cement-sand mix, etc), the usage of plaster or concrete is not recommended. Apply enough bedding dough to support the stability and prevent the shifting of the base.
  6. Put the shower base above the bedding dough. Be very careful before finally you put the base on top of the bedding dough, you better slide it down slowly, make sure it slides over the PVC and after it is lightly placed in the dough, you can give pressure on it.
  7. Let the bedding dough harden completely, before having weight on top of it. when you find that there is gap between the dough and the material surface, you can fill it up using caulk.

This $275.80 shower base requires simple way of maintenance. You might need to wipe your base off using a soft cloth. The usage of abrasive cleaners or other cleaning product that contain ammonia, bleach, or acid is highly not recommended.

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