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Having a private pool table on your house sounds fun, isn’t it? Yet the common issue asked by people who planned to buy a private pool table is that what pool table I should buy. The thing you need to think of when you want to but a pool table is first the size, and probably you need to look at the regulation a little bit. Actually there is no fixed standard of size for pool table. But you have to be sure that the ratio of the table is correct. The appropriate ration is 2 to 1. It means that the width of the table is a half of the length, or the length is twice than the width.

The size of pool table varies from the mini-tables up to the ten foot pool tables. The size will directly be impacted on the storage. If you have limited free space in your house, choosing a reversible pool table is a good idea. Some pool table can be reversed into other game board. Even, if you lived with an easy going family, you can reverse your pool table to be a dinner table. One of Pool table that attract my interest when I am doing my surfing is the Fat Cat Frisco 7’ Pool Table. It is a product of GLD Products.

Designed in a traditional classic one, this pool table will be a fun private entertainment in your house. Manufactured from a MDF wood and finished with a brown color, it will easily be matched up with any home decoration. The entire wood material also ensures the durability and strength of this table. Moreover the wood table top material creates uniqueness among pool table. As it is widely notice that the common playing surface of the pool table is green, so when there is a brown playing surface it stands out among the crowds.

Table #041517 Valley used coin operated pool table | Used Coin
Table #041517 Valley used coin operated pool table | Used Coin

This pool table includes drop pocket to add its functionality. The pocket is made of wool cloth, and designed in a fringe style. Besides looking at its function, the traditional style is really emphasized in this table by GLD. Beside that there are some other feature includes in the sale of this pool table. First, it is including two pieces of chalk to smoothen the surface of the table when it is needed. Second, a plastic triangle that will help you arranging the ball before playing, two 57” cues, and a set of 2¼ billiard balls. It is all are already a complete set for the pool table. All you need to do is only place your order, pay (it costs you about $899.99), and wait. When the courier comes into your house, you need to install it and then enjoy your coming days with a new buddy. The thing you need to understand is, both the manufacturer and the online retail do not include installation assembly in the sale. If you need assembly, you can order it with extra charge ranges $335.00 – $375.00

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