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Outdoor Porch Flooring Options


Having a beautiful, tropical look outdoor porch or decks will give warm atmosphere to your house. You will have a relaxing evening while having a chit-chat with your loved ones. On the other hand, behind a promising intimacy the decks will bring, people usually experience difficulty when it comes to determining the flooring of its decks. It is not surprising, since the outdoor decks will get direct weather barely, its material should be those who can be friend with bare weather. Veranda, one of outdoor appliances manufacturers, invites us to look at its composite decking collection which is a recommended choice for outdoor decking and porch flooring. 

The official code for the flooring tile is Veranda Armor Guard Composite Decking. It is available in two types. The grooved boards that is available in 12, 16, or 20 ft. lengths. And the square edge boards that is available in 8, and 20 ft. lengths only. Realizing that the porch will be exposed by direct sunlight and bare weather, Veranda chooses a composite wood as its material. Composite wood is a processed wood. It usually made of wood fiber or wood flour and laminated with thermoplastic material. Therefore it will be more durable compared to the solid wood which is haunted by the rotting process after it is exposed by direct sunlight and bare weather for certain time.

Due to the material chosen, some advantages are gotten by the customers. The look, installation, and work of the Veranda deck is similar to solid wood, but this decking floor resists to warp, rot, and damage from weather or insert attack (remember the thermostat mixture and lamination). The composite wood is also categorized into low maintenance material. You only need to scrub the surface with soap and water or other mild household cleaners to get the shine of the porch floor again. Painting or staining is no longer required. Moreover, Veranda claims that their product is manufactured from recycled content, toxin free, and using sustainable practices during the manufacture process. Therefore, it is not only friendly to you but also to the environment. Then the most important point of installing an outdoor porch floor is coming; safety. A bit different from solid wood, composite decking will not crack, rot, or splint. Thus your deck will be a safe play round for your toddlers and pets who love to run in bare foot. 

To have the best installation experience and maximum appearance you might need to purchase the stuff that you need during installation separately. The stuff is just like the Fascia to complete the appearance of your decking project, the hidden fasteners, and the armor guard deck screws. Each one these accessories will make your deck at its best performance and appearance. Each board costs $35.97 for the 16 ft. and $26.97 for the 12 ft.

Veranda produces this porch floor in four tropical shades. They are Seaside gray, Nantucket gray, Coastal cedar, and Brazilian walnut. They also backed up the Armor Guard Composite Decking with 20-year stain and fade performance limited warranty. Isn’t it a promising offer?

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