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Medicine Cabinets’ Recomendation At Lowes


Providing first aid kit as part of the survival kit in our house is a wise choice. However, have you put your survival kit in a proper storage place? Dedicating a cabinet for your medicine and other first aid kit is a worth doing, since the un-proper storage of medicine and first aid kit might cause the damage or change of ingredients. The alternatives of medicine cabinet and its features can be seen below.

First choice is coming from Allen + Roth manufacturer. This white mounted medicine cabinet offers a generous space for storing medicine through its dimension (24.75-in W x 30.25-in H x 7.5 in D). Its interior features two adjustable shelves and mirrored double doors equipped with beveled edges. This feature helps a lot in arranging more medicine in our storage. The adjustable shelves feature minimizes the confusion of bottled medicine storage. All you need to do is adjust the height of the shelves and make room for your medicine. This MDF material also has the extra storage unit. Each unit is consisting of a basket which can accommodate goods 3PE maximum.

The other choice is still coming from the same manufacturer, Allen + Roth. The second alternative for this opportunity is Allen Roth Medicine cabinet espresso. As it is clearly indicated by its name, this medicine cabinet is finished in espresso color. It gives the vintage touch for your room. Looking at the capacity, this cabinet has the same dimension as the first alternative (24.75-in W x 30.25-in H x 7.5-in D). Featuring two adjustable shelves and mirrored double door that equipped with beveled edges, this cabinet offer spacey and flexible storage. If you have tall bottle of medicine, taking one shelf out and voila, you have enough space to put your bottle. This espresso cabinet also equipped with three PE baskets for providing extra space for the storage. Little difference to the white one is the door knob. The shape of the door knob on each cabinet is different in shape.

Both the white and espresso medicine cabinet is backed up by a year limited warranty. Each of them costs $199.00 before you can take it home to your house.

The last but not least alternative for medicine cabinet is coming from Kohler home appliance. It is a 30×26 stainless steel cabinet they offer. This modern style cabinet is featuring mirror both inside and outside of the cabinet. In the interior, they install 2 adjustable 1/4 –in glass shelves. The two mirrors on the front doors have 1/2 –in bevel and it appears as one larger mirror. This door can be installed with a right or left hinge. The door is not a symetrical one. One door is a 20-in and the other is only 10 inches. This separation allows you to store and organize things neatly.

The construction of this cabinet is from rust-free aluminum that will help you to keep the durability of the cabinet. Along with the purchasing package, you will also get mounting hardware and side mirror kit for the surface mount. Thus $169.00 will be a worthy spend this month.

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