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Kitchen Rug Sets


Giving more attention to a small detail in our house such as the kitchen rug can improve the comfort and have a safer environment for a housemaid. The aim of planting a rug in the kitchen is to reduce the slip opportunity while working in the kitchen. Realizing that kitchen is a risky working space, so planting more protection in it is needed. Wayfair, one of the online retail stores, offers two brands of kitchen rug.

The first is a Mats Inc. product called sleek boutique ultra comfort mat. This mat is made of a closed-cell polymeric sponge base. Its material provides floating ability to reduce the fatigue when we need to do the activity above it in a long period of time. Every step you did on this mat is absorbed by a micro-cellular foam base. It is to reduce the impact effect. Its foam helps us in keeping the blood circulation though we are doing activity while standing. This mat is covered in a woven textile cover and that makes it easy to maintain. You can directly shake the dirt off of the surface, for the spilled food or liquid you can sponge it away. The back design of this mat is designed to keep it not to slip on the floor. This mat is available in four colors. They are black wicker, coco, charcoal, and red wicker. All the colors will complement any of floor tiles in your kitchen. For the best look you can match it with a parakeet floor tile. To bring it home you need to prepare $59.07

The second is an ARKO manufacturer product. This PVC vinyl material provides an ergonomic support while we are working on it. The back side design avoids slipping and keeps the mat to stay on its place. The thing you need to understand is that this mat will not stick to a stone floor. Thus, when you have stone floor kitchen it is better not to use this mat, because there is still risk that the mat will slip. The PVC vinyl absorb any liquid that spill on it. So it may cause the color change after several time of absorbing random liquid. Available in seven different colors ARKO gives a wide range of color to be chosen. The available colors are yellow, taupe, red, gray, green, blue, and black. Some colors require additional charge to be owned. All the available colors will be suitable in a modern kitchen style, though it is possible to have them in traditional kitchen also. The various colors will give fresh touch to any floor tile. Having it in a parakeet floor tile or a ceramic one will give different atmosphere to your kitchen beside is main role to keep us comfort while doing the kitchen work. The sizes itself are available in three sizes. The standard 20” x 30” that costs $47.99, a little bigger the 20” x 36” this will charge you extra $5.17 and the biggest one sized 20” x 48” that requires extra charge $10.98

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