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Homedepot Premade Deck Stairs For Rustic Pathway


Having an outdoor stairs that connect your porch and your yard will give the combo effect on your house. At one side it gives clear separator between the porch and the yard. Plus it can be an accent of rustic element where stairs become the exposed object. If currently you are looking for a stair stringer for your housing project, here is a good consideration for you.

This Stair Stringer is one sold by Homedepot market place. It is made off 100% solid wood material. The wood that is chosen to make the stair is southern Yellow Pine. This selected material is well-known for its strength and firm support for the load. Moreover, the wood is processed with MCA (micronized copper azole) this process will make wood lasts longer.

This stair stringer is used to give support and rigidity when you need to install stairs. This purpose is making this stair stringer suitable for exterior use either in commercial or residential area. The solid wood material is durable in various surface contacts. Having it in ground contact application will give firm support to the whole installment. It is also compatible with aluminum. You might need some fasteners when you combine the stringer with aluminum grounds.

Homedepot sells the stair stringer individually. It is a good point for us since we can buy the stringer based on our needs. The possibility of us to get extra useless stringer is small. Yet, they also create some packages. Each package consists of certain number of stair stringer. For example there is a 5-step stair stringer cost $12.57. Each stringer in this package is sold in natural look. Yet if you want it to be painted or stained customize option is available. Thing you have to do is contacting the vendor and consulting your preference on how the stringer will be finished.

The other packages are the 8-step stair stringer and 3-step stair stringer. A little difference from the 5-step stair, this 8 and 3-step stair is finished in infused cedar-tone colorant. This color already gives beautiful look to the stringer. While for the material is the same. They are made off solid Southern Yellow Pine, a renewable resource, which means that support the eco-friendly campaign without neglecting beauty.

For a package consists of 8-step stair stringer you need to prepare $31.49 and if you prefer to have the smaller one, a package of 3-step stair stringer you are asked to pay $13.97.

Each wood material for those three packages is treated through the MCA (micronized copper azole) process. This makes the age of the wood last longer by preventing the presence of termites and rot in the wood. Homedepot is even giving a lifetime limited warranty against rot and termites for the first package (the 5-step stair stringer). A limited residential lifetime warranty is also applied for the second and the third package (the 8 and –step stair). For the infused color stair stringer, there is additional 2-year warranty on color.

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