White 3.5 in. PVC Vertical Blind - 78 in. W x 84 in. L
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Living in an apartment might be a current lifestyle. Beside the crisis in finding an empty land to build a house, the private and secure space of the apartment attracts more and more people to live in it. it is just some apartment have a glass wall in certain side of it. This usually aim to allow us enjoy the beautiful sunsets or having a clear look over a blinking city. However, in the noon, the direct sunshine will visit our room. Besides it makes the room warmer, direct sunlight is not a good companion for some home appliances. Thus, we need to think how to filter the sunshine. Installing a blind can be the best solution.

Symple Stuff Cordless Vertical Blind & Reviews | Wayfair
Symple Stuff Cordless Vertical Blind & Reviews | Wayfair

BALI, one of blinds manufacturers, offers its collection called Curved Vinyl Vertical blinds in this occasion. This curved blind is suitable for a various size of big window or a big glass wall covering. The plus point of having a blind installed in your window is it can adjust the light coming to your room. It filters not blocks the light so the room still receive the light in a precise amount. Unlike other mean such as curtain, it totally blocks the light to come to your room. As a result your room will get darker. BALI provides the standard size of their Vinyl in 30 x 60 costs $71.00 this price will change as you also change the size that you ordered. The blind size range is available from width 9 inches X 12 inches height, up to 178 x 144 inches. The wide range of size logically causes on the big gap of the price. The color availability offers a wide choice for us as the customers. The good point is BALI gives special code on different color shade. This code naming avoids miss color delivery. Usually when we buy furniture, we tend to buy the e that match with our old furniture. Through some photos on its website BALI teaches us how to match the blind with even different color shade furniture. As an example The Cocoa 9317 gives a warmer touch when it is installed in a cool blue painted room. Its natural earthy color tone stabilizes the cool aqua atmosphere causes by the light blue paint. Another example is the Fog 9312 that complement the calm atmosphere in a whole crème painted wall. Along with it a parakeet and classical traditional sofa with a dimming lamp stands in that living room. Lastly, the camel 9305 complement a classic crème painted living room. It hangs nicely behind the classical style fire place. The different color shade between the wall and the blind harmonize the whole atmosphere of the room.

To perfectly hang the blind, you might need the head rail. Luckily, BALI provides the head rail also to ease us when purchasing the blind. This $23.97 equipment is made of versatile material. This stuff features a wand control, so it is safe for a house with children or pets. Thus, when you need to blind your windows up visiting BALI website will shade a black curtain in your mind.

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