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Are you a carpet lover? You must have some of them in your house right? Whether having it in the living room or as a upholstery in your bedroom. The beautiful pattern and the soft smooth surface of the carpet, make it easy also to trap dust in the same time. Therefore as a caring action for your carpet you need to regularly vacuum it. Make sure also that you are already own a suitable vacuum cleaner. Hoover, as one of the vacuum cleaner manufacturers offers us one of their product.

The product is called Hoover turbo scrub carpet cleaner. This carpet cleaner is suitable for individual house worker or a single people living in a house. It is because the lightweight of the carpet cleaner that really light, the weight is less than 19 pounds, even though the dimension of the cleaner is quite big. This lightweight tool is easy to move from different place even when you need going up or going down stairs. This carpet cleaner is using the Smart Tank system. This system makes the emptying and filling easy without messes, tools, and waste of time. The recovery tank is coming in with a quick-pour spout for easier emptying process. So, this technology will really help us while doing the vacuuming, especially the after match process that we need to empty the tank.

To trap dust in the carpet, this Hoover Carpet Cleaner relies on the removable multi brushes that can rotate up to 360º for constant contact with the carpet surface in which the cleaner is working on. The brushes are the removable one to give a better access when cleaning it. The work of the brushes is fully supported by a 8ft. ready to use hose and upholstery tool to give deep cleaning on the stairs and other hard to reach area. For a flexible movement this carpet cleaner is equipped with 20 ft. power cord. This may allow you to have flexible movement while doing the carpet vacuuming.

Cleaning up the tool is not a big matter. After using this carpet cleaner, first you need to empty the tank by getting all the trapped dust and probably dust mites. Then you can do a regular wash to the tank, by adding hot water wash in the last rinse. After having all the elements clean and ready to use again, you can keep the carpet cleaner in its box again, or if you have a dedicated closet to keep your cleaning tools you can keep it there.

KALORIK Water Filtration Canister Vacuum Cleaner-WFVC 43331 BL - The
KALORIK Water Filtration Canister Vacuum Cleaner-WFVC 43331 BL – The

If you already decide to have this carpet cleaner, in one package you will get a carpet cleaner (of course), equipped with 8 ft. hose, mesh storage bag, 16 oz. 2X Clean Plus Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner. This Hoover Carpet Cleaner is supported with a 2-year limited warranty. Some elements (depends on the deal while purchasing) is guaranteed for that period of time, as long as there is no human error detected. This Home Depot ex

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