Cafe 1.7 cu. ft. Over the Range Convection Microwave in Stainless

Ge Cafe Microwave


To have nice experience in the kitchen you must be sure that your kitchen is equipped with best companion. Whether the appliance or the furniture. It is impossible to have good memories in your kitchen when you need to deal with the unsupportive stove or microwave. Talking about microwave, there is a series from GE appliance manufacturer that you might want to look closer.

It is coded as GE café microwave cvm1790ssss. This is a 1.7 cu.ft microwave, a small yet functional one for us. Made of stainless steel material, this microwave offer some features to help us when preparing meal for the loved ones. First is the convection cooking. Sometimes we need to bake or brown dishes. By having this feature, you can flexibly choose between baking and browning for your dishes. The fast bake feature allows you to enjoy the faster oven result up to 25% than the conventional cooking. This makes you cook faster and have more time to do other activity. For you who still in the process of learning about how to cook properly or experimenting new recipe, this oven will help you to find the right time and power based on the recipe. The feature is called as Auto Recipe Conversion. You just need to set the controls according to the recipe, and the oven will convert automatically the temperature of standard recipe into the temperature that you want. For further advanced cooking control, GE appliance plant a sensor cooking control. This sensor will detect the cooked level of your dish, when this sensor detects that it is done already though the time setting is not yet achieved, it will automatically turn the oven off. This will help you and family in doing the energy saving life style. This oven is also equipped with a warming oven mode. This mode will keep your food warm until it is served.

All the advanced cooking features are wrapped in a stainless steel interior which gives a stylish look and durability at once. Moreover, it is also an easy to clean one. Thus you will not have hard after cook dish washing will not that hard even after you had such a big cooking party. In helping you to clean the cook top area from odors, smoke, and steam, a three-speed, 300-CFM Vortex venting system is installed. By one touch of finger, it will help you to removes the cooking mark from your kitchen air.

To set and adjust the cooking temperature and setting you will be helped by an easy-set control dial. This control dial let you enjoy the simple experience for choosing recipes or setting up the oven. You will also experience the bilingual scrolling display. This display will show the oven usage instruction and also cooking tips in English and Spain through an easy-to-read font.

As a conclusion, this $715,00 GE microwave is suitable for those multitasking person who has high frequency of activity. The automatic features in the oven let you set everything up in the beginning, yet the oven itself will detect and adjust automatically depend on the condition at current time. This will be a worth spending money for.

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