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Ge Appliance; A Discernment On Choosing Geospring Water Heaters


Preparing hot water in bathroom is like having a double blade sword. When you have the right and suitable water heater machine, you will get it ready easily. However, when you have not really suitable machine, whether the energy consumption is too much, the heating set that too cold or too hot when it touches your skin, the length of heating up the water and so on and so forth, preparing water for bathing is an annoying phase. Thus, having the right companion for heating up the water in your bathroom is a must thing to do. Here are two popular electric water heaters. If you think that your current water heater is needed to be replaced, this might be a good consideration. 

Both heaters are the product manufactured by GE home appliance. The difference is in the capacity. The first one has the capacity of 50 gallons, while the other one it is a bigger capacity. It has 80 gallons capacity. This profound difference gives impact on the other side like the price for each product. Before we talk much about the comparison, let us look on each heater first.

First the GE geospring geh50dfejsr water heater with the maximum 50 gallons capacity. This heater is a geospring hybrid electric water heater. Having the total capacity up to 50 gallons, this water heater rated 3.25 Energy Factor. This means that this appliance saves the average 2 until 4 person household $160 – $330 ever year (latest research) on average in water heating expenses. It is also 70% more efficient compared to the standard electric 50-gallon water heater. With the minimum energy consumption, this heater still provides the same amount of hot water as a traditional 50 gallons standard water heater. Which is the standard water heater can be maximum load 69 gallons on its first hour delivery. Last but not least, this hybrid water heater is equipped with electronic controls with four operating modes. Moreover GE also plants a vacation setting in this heater. This option allow you to set the temperature that you want during you are away. This will make the energy savings performance work optimally. 

The second one is GE geospring geh80dfejsr water heater. This heater can accommodate maximum heater up to 80 gallons capacity. Rated as 3.12 by Energy Factor this water heater can saves the average 5-6 person household $410 – $490 every year, on average water heating expenses. The efficiency rate is 70% more efficient than the standard electric 50-gallon heater. It provides the same amount of hot water as a traditional 80-gallon standard electric water heater which consumes 94 gallons at first-hour delivery. The electric control panel is the same as the smaller capacity one. 

Both water heaters are backed up with 10 years limited warranty. Thus, comprehend the purchase deal and when you need to complain something during the warranty time, first please check whether it is covered by the 10 years warranty. This feature and services makes $999.00 for the 50 gallons heater and $1,499.00 for the 80 gallons capacity a worth investment on comfort.

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