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Serving good meal for your family is a nice and fun activity to do. To make it really nice and fun, you need a good stove as your companion Cause a right fire supply will determine the taste of your food cause a right fire supply will determine the taste of your food, isn’t it?

Here are two gas stove taken from different manufacturers. First, it is the one coming from Kitchen Aid brand, coded as kitchenaid cooktop kecd807xbl. This four-burner gas cooktop is a 30-inch length. The exterior look is an elegant one, due to the full-width cast-iron grates. It also eases the move of the cookware around the cooking surface. To support the performance of this, a ventilation van is planted to cool down the burner system. It exhausts up to 325 CFM to handle the requirements of most cooking applications. It is also equipped with a 2-speed fan control to let you match the ventilation power. This is to reduce the steam, grease, and odors from the air.

Four burners are divided into two type of power. First is the high temperature, 15000 BTU, required to boil the water and other high temperature cooking technique requirement. The low temperature burners are on the 5000 BTU. This is also called as simmer burner. it is perfect to cook meals at low temperature or melting delicate foods, chocolate for example. This stove is running on the gas fuel, but the liquid propane can also be used. There is a conversion kit to make you easy in switching between the gas and the liquid propane. This $,349.00 stove is available in two choice of color i.e black and stainless steel.

KitchenAid 36
KitchenAid 36

The second stove is Kenmore Elite 31113 Gas Downdraft Cooktop. This Kenmore Elite product is having four burners as its main feature. Those four burners divided into two categories the turbo boil (18,200 BTU) to accommodate heavy-duty cook like boiling water or heating up the soup pot quickly. While the simmer burner (5,000 BTU) for light heat cooking such as simmering sauce, soup, or frying the frozen food here. Four burners helps you in doing the meals quickly. To cool down the system, Kenmore plants 3-speed ventilation van inside the stove in hidden mode, so it works in silence and undetected presence. However, it helps us to get rid of odors, and smoke from the cooking process. Thus, you may say bye to the smell of fish that hangs in your kitchen before. To clean up the stove, we can have a relieving sigh since the cooktop is dishwasher safe, so making a mess on top of is no longer feel worry of the stain that will be left after that because we can put the cooktop inside the dishwasher. You might not know yet that this stove is made of stainless steel combined with a cast-iron-cooktop grate. If you can put the grate in the dishwasher safely, you need a damp cloth to wipe the stainless steel part to keep its shine. To have this stove first you must prepare $1099.99

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