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Farm Sink Installation, A Mean Of Style Actalization


Choosing a statement style for your kitchen is not a hard thing to do actually. If applying certain style to the entire kitchen furniture is too pricey, choosing one element only for your kitchen is enough to say your style. Sinkology Copper Farmhouse Sink can be chosen as your statement style in your kitchen.

Require $645.99 as a compensation to the manufacturer, this single basin sink is constructed from commercial-grade 16-gauge pure solid copper (thickness from 0.063 in. to 0.068 in.) and offer large spaces, 30 in. x 19 in., to do the easy clean up. This copper sink is guaranteed not to turn green with typical indoor usage. Copper itself is naturally anti-microbial one, so having this stuff in our kitchen will promote healthy living. To add the value of uniqueness, the fact that this sink is having handmade finishing, in which it guarantees that there will be no two same products. Other statement point is that it gives the classic fixture to the sink. This product of Sinkology manufacturer is wrapped by 2-1/2 inches apron on each side. This wrapping makes us flexible in choosing the installation type. We can install it under-mount, drop-in, or apron front.

Here is the guidance if you want to install the sink in apron front style:

  1. Put the sink upside down and mark the countertop. You can do that by tracing the inside edge of your basin by placing your arm through the only drain hole in your sink.
  2. Apron fronts installation style is designed to be installed ¾ inches extended out beyond the front part of the countertop. Therefore you do not need to cut the edge of the sink to make it fit to the installation.
  3. Put the basin and apply silicone as glue between the cabinet and the sink.
  4. Install the countertop.
  5. Apply silicone around the top edge of the basin. Put the countertop around basin. Do make sure that the position is centered and you may remove the silicone excess.
  6. The last thing to do is to install drama mount. The drain is sold separately.

When you install the copper sink in under-mount or drop-in installation you may need some adjustment regarding to the countertop size to make it fit to the cabinet. For example it is like when you choose built-up mount, you need to cut the countertop along the outside line of basin profile. While the under mount installation supports a ¼” reveal on 3 sides of the sink.

Therefore, you need to adjust (cut the countertop) based on the installation type before you put the basin in the cabinet and apply silicone as a glue stick between the sink and the cabinet itself.

Talking about maintenance, the maintenance of this Sinkology Copper Sink can be categorized as the easy one. The hand-applied finishing technique let us have a simple washing procedure which only requires soap and water. For deeper maintenance we can apply Sinkology Copper Armor. The usage direction is attached in the bottle.

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