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Decorating a house can be both tiring and fun. It will be tiring when we are still brainstorming it what will we do to our house. Decorating or redecorating can simply be done by adding a simple element like a rug. To create a more natural look house, having a fake grass rug in the living room or in the kids playing room in the house will give natural touch to your house, or if you really want the natural atmosphere being emphasized in your house, devoting an open spot like back porch or patio to be covered with a fake grass rug should be done. But first make sure you have the fake grass rug.

Recently I browse through some home furniture website and found the interesting fake grass rug in It is a 6ft. x 8ft. artificial grass rug. This rug is made of 100% high UV BCF Olefin fiber, which is a strong and soft surface material. It is supported by a marine back backing material. It is a technology that will ease you when installing it in the floor. The whole rug is manufactured from continuous fibers. It is used to minimize the shedding effect after it is used. Based on its material, it seems that the manufacturer plots this rug to be placed in semi until total outdoor place. This carpet is a fade and stain resistant one. It also designed to be the low maintenance product. Therefore this rug is suitable for a patios, back porch, and decks. Places that are exposed by the direct sunlight and sometimes extreme different weather. To install it you need to stick it with the adhesive element to your floor. Homedepot sell this rug for $18.87 each piece. Unfortunately, this is only available in single size. So, if you need to cover larger area than 6ft. x 8ft. you need to buy it in multiple pieces. : Juvale Artificial Grass - 4-Pack Synthetic Grass : Juvale Artificial Grass – 4-Pack Synthetic Grass

The second artificial grass rug placed in Walmart online retail shop. This 100% polypropylene material promises durable and fade resists green surface. The material chosen is also a barefoot friendly material, in which when we put it in a kids playing room it will be friendly playing mat for our kids even though they still learn how to walk firmly. The installation that require adhesive element to ensure this rug steadily stick to the floor create zero worry that the rug will slip while it is used. A little bit different from the previous rug, this rug flexibly can be used both indoor and outdoor. The other good news is that Walmart provides this rug in multiple sizes. The standard size for this rug is 4×6 inches, while the largest size is 8×12 inches. The larger the size of the rug, the more money you should pay. The standard size costs $18.88, while the largest one is the $59.00. If you need the size between the standard and the largest one, the adjustable size request is acceptable. Just visit Walmart and place your order there.

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