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Having a nice place to work will enhance our productivity. Thus, people will really consider about their work stuff. One of them is the working table. It is important to have comfortable working table, because it is the one that will support us while working. IKEA offers us two of their drafting table collections

Studio Designs Vintage Drafting Table - Solid Hardwood - 36 x 24 x
Studio Designs Vintage Drafting Table – Solid Hardwood – 36 x 24 x

One, it is a Klimpen Finnvard desk. This drafting table is a bit different from other drafting table. You might wonder by the absence of the light box, and the ergonomic ability. This drafting table should be the simpler type of one. IKEA is well known for its simple minimalist concept. That idea is also applied in this drafting table. We will ‘only’ get a table that is equipped with trestle shelf. It is very minimalist concept of drafting table. However, after paying more attention on the material chose by IKEA, we should appreciate them for choosing durable material. The table top is made of fiberboard, painted in white using acrylic paint and covered in paint foil. This creates a clean and glossy look of the working table. While for the trestle with shelf, IKEA choose solid pine wood painted using acrylic paint. This combination creates a firm construction of the table and gives a durable table to us. The trestle that happens under the table top allows us storing books, printer, or other stuff that might be related to our work. This might be the plus point of the Klimpen Finnvard, compared to the common drafting table that has ergonomic table top and the light box part in the table. They might be having the capacity to be ergonomic but the storage system is ignored.  Considering its plus point and the factual fact, we can use this table as the home office table. It will match any home decoration and it offers also the simple storing place. The maintenance for this product is considered as the simple one. You only require to clean it using dry cloth and apply a mild detergent when it is needed. To have this table you need to prepare $59.99

Parkside Adjustable Drawing And Drafting Table With Black Frame And
Parkside Adjustable Drawing And Drafting Table With Black Frame And

There is one more drafting table if you think that the Klimpen Finnvard is not suitable for you. The second drafting table from IKEA is the Linnmon Finnvard series. Having the similar design to the Klimpenn table, this Linnmon also not capable to be in ergonomic or being equipped with a light box part. The top table of this series is made off a fiberboard, it is printed and embossed with acrylic paint, while the trestle is made off solid pine and painted in acrylic paint. Framed in particleboard and ABS plastic it is filled with paper inside. This series promotes sturdiness and durability of the table as the key point. The maintenance care of this product is also low maintenance one. You only need to wipe the surface of the table top and the trestle using a dry cloth and mild detergent when it is needed. You need a $109.99 to have this Linnmon drafting table to your home office.

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