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Home decoration does not limited to the big easy notice element like room style and furniture. Table set can be a way to actualize the style of your home decoration. Of course you need to be really careful in choosing your tableware. Make sure that it will complement your home decoration. Pfaltzgraff promotes two of their dinnerware set collections to us. Let us look at it closer.

The first collection is a set for eight people. The set consists of dinner plates, salad plates, soup bowl, mugs. Plus a rectangular platter and a vegetable bowl. This set is coded as painted poppies dinnerware set in its catalogue. From its code, you might guess what the uniqueness of this tableware is. Yup, you are right this tableware is painted one. This is a hand-crafted stoneware in collaboration with a reactive glaze. Since it is a hand-crafted work, there is no two pieces are having exact pattern. This creates both uniqueness and shows variations in color and pattern. This poppies series, Pfaltzgraff uses natural tone colors and gives a magical touch through the flower accent. Each item in the set is dominated by a natural beige color. That beige color is framed by solid black color as the outer line (except for the salad plate, it has no outer line. The black color in the mug is in its inner side). That black beige combination then being garnished by three flower for the dinner plate, salad plate, platter, and fruit bowl. Each flower has different color. They are red, white, and green-yellowish one. For the soup bowl and the mug on one side of its outer side, it is painted a green-yellowish flower. They look really cool on the natural beige background. The cleaning instruction for this set is also easy. The good news for us is that it supports dishwasher and microwave usage so its cleaning will no longer an issue. Heating dish will also be very simple one. This dinnerware set for 8 costs $179.99 considering its vibrant look that will complement your table set it will be a good investment. Moreover if you have a simple modern dinner table in your dining room, this set will totally warm your dining table even before you serve the soup.

Shop Euro Ceramica Duomo 16-piece Dinnerware Set (Service for 4
Shop Euro Ceramica Duomo 16-piece Dinnerware Set (Service for 4

The other choice table set is Pfaltzgraff rustic leaves dinnerware set. Coming from the same manufacturer the standard feature is similar to the poppies painted set. Each set of this rustic leaves series consists of dinner plate, salad plate, soup bowl, mug, a rectangular platter and a vegetable bowl. Choosing a various color of light sand and stone as its backdrop, each item of this series is being painted by a detailed twigs of leaves in harmonized green, gold, and white. While for the underside each item is having a solid black underside. It creates a bold pattern on the item. This dinner set will look perfectly nice when you matching it with a simple traditional veneered table. The rustic style and the leaves’ twigs will complement each other on collaboration with a veneered table. Pfaltzgraff gives the same costs as the poppies painting for this dinner ware i.e $179.99

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