LDR 501 6200 Sink Sprayer Replacement Kit with Spray

Delta Quick Connect Sprayer Hose For Easy DIY


The emerging of individual housing and single life doer creates a logical consequence that home repairing and its related stuffs also become the task that should be done by anyone. If usually the home appliance repairing becomes the area of certain gender, now such idea slowly diminishes. However, there is an undeniable fact that the home repairing stuff is still hard to be done. Take an example, the broken faucet. Though the issue is a minor and seems that not serious one, but to fix it still quite hard. Luckily, this situation is being read well by a home appliance manufacturer who creates repairing stuff. It starts to produce stuff that is so friendly for the keen DIYers. 

The repairing stuff is a sink sprayer hose quick connect produced by Delta. It is a hose that becomes an extended sprayer for a faucet. Usually we have metal extended shower in the sink, but such type of extension requires more skill when installing it. Now, as there is already a manufacturer that creates a simpler product, we may compare some of the features. 

Did you notice something on the product name? Delta offers a quick connect sprayer house which will help anyone in doing self installation for this repairing element. This sink sprayer hose is meant to be used together with pull-out and pull-down sprayer kitchen faucet, which supports DIAMOND Seal Technology. This 52 inches long hose is equipped with clip to make it look neat and tidy when you do not need to use all the 52 inches long. As it is promised by the manufacturer and indicated by the series name, to have this hose being operated, you only need to click onto the supply line of the faucet. 

The thing you need to understand is that, this quick connect sprayer is not suitable for every faucet type. As it is manufactured by Delta, it will only work with Delta faucet. Moreover, this sink sprayer will only work well when it is set up with Diamond Seal Technology. As a result, only some types of Delta faucet that support the work of this quick connect sprayer. Therefore when you want to purchase this $28.83 quick connect hose, make sure that your faucet is on the list of supported faucet by Delta.

Along with the hose people also usually buy some equipment such as a quick-connect clip and 3-piece O-Ring Repair Kit. Realizing that sometimes the small parts like the 3-piece O-Ring Repair Kit or the Quick-Connect Clip get lost or misplaced, so Delta made it to be available to help the DIYers to get the parts that they need. The Quick-connect Clip is aimed to be used to connect hose to the valve. It is backed up with lifetime limited warranty on covers part and finish defects. Each clip costs $6.93 

The 3-piece O-Ring repair Kit is aimed to be used for single handle kitchen. These self-lubricating O-rings provide years of security use. Backed up with lifetime limited warranty on covers part and finish defects each set (3 piece) costs $2.33.

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