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Danby Mini Fridge


Are you looking for a cooling unit for a more private space in your house? Moving your kitchen refrigerator is not a good choice since it will take bigger space in your private space and it is just simply too big. Probably this Danby mini fridge will suit your need.

Now, we will look at Danby dar044a4bdd mini refrigerator. Looking at its size and capacity, which is a 4.4 cu.ft, it is enough to keep your favorite beverage in your reachable zone of your activity. The measurement itself is a space friendly one (20-3/4 in. W x 21 in. D x 32-3/4 in. H), so it will be a nice complement in your entertainment room, office, workshop, or living room that need cooling unit and to ensure that food is in the reachable area.

Opening the door of this mini fridge, you will find that there is no freezer features in this black fridge. The reason for the absence of the freezer is simply because the aim of this unit is to store ready to consume beverages and snack or food. Therefore you only need to keep your diet coke or canned beer inside it. You can adjust the temperature through the mechanical thermostat inside it. This allows you to have the preferred temperature for your favorite beverages. This series of Danby mini fridge is also equipped with a can storage beverage dispensing system. This system is dedicated to keep the can beverages neat and well organized. It suits a 12 oz. can. It also includes 1 half-size and 2 full-size adjustable-height wire shelves, to help you to make some room for the storage versatility. By the more possibilities of rack and shelves arrangement, it makes you possible to store beverages, snacks, and some pieces of fruits inside it. This ensures you that your supply of nutrients is always in your reachable zone.  The door shelves is also adjustable ones, thus it enhance your flexibility in arranging your storage. All these interior features are supported by an interior light that supplies clear visibility.

Moving to look at the outer side of the fridge, the compact frame fridge is covered in solid black body. The reversible side door swings allow you to set from which side you want this fridge being opened. This reversible door also eases you in setting the fridge since it gives wider choice of placement. To support the eco-friendly campaign, Danby Appliance plants a R600a refrigerant. As a result this unit is rated as Energy Star refrigerator for its energy efficient unit.

An advice for the placement of this mini fridge, this whole solid black mini fridge will be a good complement to your modern style of room decoration. Having it next to your storing cabinet in the living room or home office is a nice combination. For the installation, this mini fridge is designed to be an alone stand unit, so you do not need any cabinet installation for its company. Danby asks $174.59 to us for bringing this mini fridge home.

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