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Considerable Dream Line Half Glass Shower Door


Whether you have or prefer a bathtub or a standing shower, equipping your bathroom with shower door is needed. Realizing that in a bathroom there are more than one spot, giving a clear border to each spot will give extra comfort considering the fact that you might share the bathroom with others. Separating bathing area from the vanity and toilet can be done through some ways. It is either by putting on curtain or installing glass door. Now we will look on the glass door option offered by an established manufacturers; Dream Line.

First it is a 34 inches glass door, designed to be the separation of your bath tub with the other area in the bathroom. The frameless design keeps the unity atmosphere of your bathroom yet in the same time it gives a clear border for our bathing area. Featuring a 0.25” (6mm) thick clear tempered glass, this Aqua Uno serves a modern and unique look on your bathroom. The single panel glass door is gaining ANSI license on the safety and durability usage. Considering the difference condition of people bathroom, the swing side opening for the door is reversible. Furthermore, Dream Line also designs a hinge that allows you to install the glass door to the wall. On each glass door there is an elegant stainless steel towel bar. Besides it is functioned as a towel bar, it also e functioned as door handle that helps you to pull or push the door. Installing this glass door requires a company, having a professional installer is recommended to ensure that it is installed properly. Dream Line asks $263.99 as a compensation for having the glass door yours.

The other choice is a wider glass door that is coming from the same manufacturer. It is the Aqua Frameless Hinged Tub Door. Having total width about 48 inches, this is a suitable piece for relatively small bathroom in which installing sliding door is not possible to realize. Supporting an elegant frameless design this glass door is suitable to install on any straight bathtub. Slightly different from the previous glass door, even though it is the same frameless design, this Aqua is featuring curved glass design that supports the European style of decoration.

The Aqua series configuration for the glass door consists of stationary panel and swing doors. Each door equipped with aluminum towel bar which also help us to be the handle of the door itself. Besides the beauty and elegance that is highlighted b this Aqua series, the flexibility is also the point. It is proved by the flexible open side of the door that is reversible. To install it in your bathroom first you need to give compensation to Dream Line about $378.99

Here are some tips from the expert on how to minimize the possibility of water escaping outside of the bathing area. The key is the shower position. Put our shower head in the opposite side of the door opening aimed at the tiled walls. You can put it fixed through glass panel or straight down towards the shower floor.

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