Amana NED4655EW 29 Inch 6.5 cu. ft. Electric Dryer with 11 Dry

Cheap Washer and Dryer Set


Who does not want to have ready to wear cloth everyday and every time you need to wear it. In order to realize that intention, we need a good appliance to support it. Here is a set of washer and dryer that price is affordable yet it is worth to consider about. Please do realize that it is a separate washer and dryer. So, you need to move the laundry load from the washer after it is washed and you need to continue with the drying process.

Coming to the washer first, it is a Maytag collection which is coded as Maytag 3.6 mvwc415ew washer. It is a classical look washer in white. Having a 3.6- cu. ft this washer is loading the laundry efficiently and giving the satisfying result. That is a clean laundry. It has a wide range of washing cycles include wrinkle control and hand wash cycle choice. This option allows you to choose the most suitable action to be done to clean your laundry up.  To make sure that the laundry is done correctly, this Maytag mvwc415ew series is equipped with deep water wash cycle. It will raise the water level during the wash to ensure that all the laundry soaks into the water to ease the cleaning process. The Power Wash cycle is designed to slowly remove the tough stain in the cloth, and also to be able to do the laundry for all kinds of clothes. This classic look washer applies a sensing technology to detect the water levels needed in a load. It also spills the detergent and softener at the right time of the cycle. This is just another clothes friendly feature offer by Maytag. This washer is $494.00

Next, we come to the drying unit. It is a Maytag medc215ew dryer. This $649.00 dryer offers large capacity to dry the laundry up to 7.0 cu.ft. based on the washer that is offered that can accommodate 3.6 cu ft capacity, you can have two washers load in one drying tube. The key feature of this dryer is the optional wrinkle control. The wrinkle issue becomes the enemy of dryer users so far, the quick drying process causes so many wrinkles in the cloth and that require greater effort when ironing it. But by this feature the presence of the wrinkle can be minimized. Even the usage of extra tumbling for 40 minutes after the cycles ended will keep the clothes ready to wear if you want to. Being backed up with a 10 years limited warranty for the motor and the dryer drum makes this dryer worth to choose.

Hoover HLV8LCG • Stuart Westmoreland
Hoover HLV8LCG • Stuart Westmoreland

Having this dryer and washer stands side by side in your laundry room will definitely help you in preparing your clothes. The affordable price is also a good consideration for us. Even with the relatively cheap price we still can get a good quality product. It can be said so, because from the review gained by these product most of the customer feel happy and have no regret after buying this item.

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