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Sofa is the furniture that plays important role in a family. As furniture, it will complement the home decoration. Yet, there is still a role played by sofa. It is a place where the family gathers and does the chatter. Realizing its crucial role, choosing sofa for a living room should be well considered. When you need to find a sofa, observing an online retail might be the best solution. Here is a solution when you need a sofa with maximum budget $100

It is the sofa manufactured by Intex, coded as Intex Inflatable Corner Sofa. This corner sofa is aimed to complement your living room. Available in two neutral tone color i.e tan and beige this sofa will complement all your living room decoration. Having it on top of parakeet floor in a traditional style living room will bring the warmness of countryside into your house. Or if you have a simple modern living room with a white ceramic floor tile having this sofa on the corner of your room will invite whoever to rest for a moment after a tiring activity.

This Intex sofa provides a spacious setting for four people on it. It seems that this sofa is aimed for a family quality time, where all the personal business is left behind for a while. It is proofed by the appearance of a deep seat and wide armrest makes a comfort seating and resting space. The good news for everyone is that it is designed to be a low maintenance furniture one. It is said so, after looking at the detail of the sofa. From the upholstery material, it is designed with a waterproof-flocked surface. Thus, when you unintentionally spill your liquid on it you do not need to worry, just grab a dry cloth and absorb the liquid. It will not leave any trace in your sofa.

14 Best Sofas and Couches You Can Buy in 2018 • Gear Patrol
14 Best Sofas and Couches You Can Buy in 2018 • Gear Patrol

As you might already guess that as it is indicates by its name. This sofa is inflammable. That means also that this sofa can be deflated, and folded. Therefore this is a travel friendly sofa in which you are allow to pack that in your luggage and inflame it once you arrive in your destination. The two-in-one valve with extra-wide openings ensures the fast inflating and deflating. This really helps us in packing this sofa and put it back again in the couch shape. the deflating feature is not only travel friendly, but for those who feels that the space in the room cannot be occupied by a big couch all the time. This is the solution. You can inflame the couch when the quality family time arrives and deflate it as you all finish the chatter after the movie ended.

So far, the issue happen in the review columns is about the deflating and especially the inflaming process. People needs more time to make the couch ready to use. But apart from the inflaming issue, this couch is worth to buy. Make sure you prepare the cash about $72.99

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