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Cheap Bathroom Vanities Under $200


Bathroom storage is a substantial thing in one’s life. Therefore the storing unit is a thing that cannot be randomly chosen. People usually store their toiletries and other bathroom stuff in a vanity below the basin. It is an effective way of storing that even the place is already in the room in which we will use the stuff. Remembering that the storing unit is a significant element, you need many considerations before buying it. Here are two bathroom vanities that will costs you no more than $200, and you might be surprised that each of them has a competitive feature to the pricey one.

The first is the kid of Glacier Bay, named Glacier Bay Shaila 30 vanity tops. This is a 30.5 inches bathroom vanity that has slim format. It is suitable for narrow bathroom or you also can put it in a make-up room. The marble table top has a rectangular sink that will make cleaning up easy. Though it is slim, it offers a generous capacity of toiletries storing. The maple interior besides it freshen up the look by its attractive appearance, it is also an easy to clean one, so you will not have extra cleaning job for this. The attractive interior is wrapped up by decorative doors finished in white (other available color Silverleaf, and gray oak). For your information, the doors have adjustable, concealed hinges. It is used to keep the look clean. Each purchasing package is including a satin nickel cabinet hardware for style and convenience. This Shaila vanity requires a standard 3-hole, 4inches centerset faucet. The manufacturer does not include faucet in the purchasing package. So, you need to buy the faucet separately. This vanity costs $199.00

The second one it is coming from the same brand as Shaila, even the series is similar i.e Glacier Bay Shaila 24 vanity Tops. Have you noticed the difference? Yup you are correct, the only difference is on the capacity. This second vanity is smaller than the first one. It can ‘only’ offer a storing space about 24 inches. Yet it actually still an enough space to store toiletries. Glacier Bay asks us $189.00 for this vanity.

The last choice for vanity is the kid of Emberlin Appliance. Simply called as Emberlin Bathroom Vanity, this vanity offers an enough dimension for a standard vanity (24.5 in W x 18.75 in D). Featuring a cappuccino solid surface, it makes your bathroom fresh in minimalist way. The storing unit is 24 inches width to store bathing stuff. If you still need more space, there is an extra storage for your toiletries in the bottom. The presence of bottom drawer gives relieving idea for those who need more bathroom storage.

The shine of the vanity surface is supported by the satin nickel finish hardware for a beautiful accent. This simple yet elegant vanity is a good thing for today’s minimalist lifestyle and home decoration trend. The cost for this  Emberlin vanit is $199.00, as it is promised, the cost will no more than $200.

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