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Cheap 8×10 Area Rug For Flexible Mix And Match


Having a nice living room is everyone’s dream. Therefore people will try their best to make their living room looks cozy. It is starting from picking up the furniture until paying more attention on detail. Installing a rug is one of the details you can apply to your living room.

First thing you may consider is the size of the rug. The most common bought rug is the 8X10 (about 2.4m X 3m) rug. The reason is simple because this size is the most suitable size for a living room, not too small and not too wide. Home Dynamix produce such rug in various series. The first one is titled Premium Brown Area Rug. This rug is made of a hundred percent polypropylene. The chosen material is effectively banishing the cold from the floor. Therefore it is suitable for you who want to minimize the cold from the floor. Moreover, polypropylene is a quite light material so it will ease you when it comes the time to move it for cleaning. The maintenance of this product is easy. It needs vacuum and spot cleaning once in a while. You need to keep it in mind that you only allow to use professional rug shampoo cleaning. Finally to keep your rug neat and clean you need to do the maintenance frequently. This series are available in dark brown color and abstract pattern. This is a good point of this rug because the neutral tone color can complement almost any style of home décor.

Home Dynamix Rugs Triumph
Home Dynamix Rugs Triumph

The other series of rug is Premium Country Blue Area Rug. Almost all the specifications (sie, material, maintenance) of this rug is the same as the previous product. The differences are on the color and pattern. This series has blue color with oriental pattern. This is suitable for you who love kind of ethnic pattern. However this uniqueness is becoming a double-blade sword. On one side it attracts those who love ethnic touch through its pattern, but we should admit that the ‘crowd’ design limits its ability to complement any home décor style. Compared to the previous one that has abstract diagonal pattern it can match with minimalist until contemporary home décor style.

Home Dynamix Dynasty Rug
Home Dynamix Dynasty Rug

While for this blue rug, we cannot mix this rug with a patterned sofa set for example. It is because the looks of your living room will be busy and too heavy. Therefore this Premium Country Blue Area Rug is suitable for a minimalist style living room. Broken white, the color used mostly in the minimalist style will look fresh with the touch of blue color and oriental pattern of this rug. For the type of floor, this rug matches almost all type of floor, from parakeet until white tile.

Both series of rug cost the same i.e $98.99. Unfortunately, Home Dinamix as the manufacturer does not provide any warranty to both series. So far, from the information in the website there is no major complain toward this product, it is just a former folding due to shipping process that happen, but it will disappear as the time goes by.

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