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Carpet Tiles Lowes Ideas to Inspire Your Room


Floor is the supporting part for a house. It might be not the visible one, but as a supporting system it is crucial. Thus, as the time goes by, people start to look for a floor decoration. One of them is by installing a carpet. Lowes as one of the online home supermarket introduces their two carpet collection.

Cool Mohawk Carpet Tiles Lowes
Cool Mohawk Carpet Tiles Lowes

The first is Pebble path carpet. This carpet is categorized as peel and stick carpet. It means that we need no adhesive element to install the carpet in our room. The additional tools that we need during the installation perhaps a kind of measuring tape, chalk line to give a sign, and cutting utility (knife or scissors).

Amazing Carpet Tile Glue Lowes
Amazing Carpet Tile Glue Lowes

Made from an eco-fi recycled fabric from the plastic bottle, this pebble carpet tile is easy to plant on various floor tiles (ceramic, plywood, etc) first you need to make sure that the surface of the floor is clean, and dry. The recycled fabric from the plastic promises a fade resistance of the carpet, even when we put it in a direct sunlight. The less waterproof carpet requires a minimum maintenance. You only need to do spot cleaning using damp cloth and a mild detergent when it is considered needed. Regular vacuum will help you in diminishing the unwanted dust inside the fiber. The light cleaning, by sweeping up can minimize the dirt in its surface.

Considering its flexibility, both in cleaning and in usage, this Pebble carpet is suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. It can be planted in a kids playing room, the firm position (due to the sticky element) will give comfort playing atmosphere. You do not need to worry if the carpet will slip when our kid is playing on it. It is also possible for offices to wear this carpet in their rooms. Having it in a front lobby or in the production floor will give the cozy atmosphere and create comfort working sphere that will affect the productivity of your colleagues and or employee. Installing this carpet in a café or restaurant is also not impossible. You might ask your guest to take off their shoes and walk barefoot or give them the slipper. Besides it can help you in keeping the cleanliness, it will also create different atmosphere and impression for them. To have this eco-friendly carpet, first you need to measure the size of your room. Lowes sells this carpet based on the square feet. It cost $1.55 per square feet.

Other choice is also a peel and stick carpet tiles, coded as 16-pack 18-in x 18-in Restoration Gunmetal Needlebond Adhesive-Backed Carpet Tile. Available in one solid color this carpet is made in USA manufactured using eco-fi technology. Similar to the Pebble series, it categorized as a peel and stick carpet. Thus the easy installation is the promise of this carpet type. The Eco-fi technology creates this carpet from recycled fiber. The fiber itself is made of the plastic bottle. Overall, the product is similar with the Pebble series, it costs cheaper than the pebble series. For a square feet you need to prepare $1.38, make sure you measure your room first before ordering the carpet.

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