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Home cleaning procedure is not an easy task to do. Therefore we need correct cleaning substances and appliances to support our work in keeping the cleanliness of our house. The cleaning and maintenance will require more attention especially when you install specific element like wooden floor tile, which requires more attention in cleaning and maintaining it, in your house. Microfiber Wholesale offers us their collection on floor cleaning package. 

The package is called as Professional Microfiber Mop. This package consists of (1) 6’ adjustable stainless steel mop handle, (1) heavy duty aluminum mop frame, (1) Microfiber dust mop pad, and (2) microfiber wet mop pads. Each microfiber mops is a great appliance to clean your home. The individual fibers are split to let the mops grab and hold dust, dirt, or liquid better than a cotton cloth or synthetic mop. Since the fiber is a kind of positive charged, it automatically attracts the negatively charged dirt, then grab and lock it up in it. Not only does it remove the dirt, it also omits the bacteria that it reaches up to 99%, so it offers a thorough cleaning for your house. 

The Microfiber Dust Mop is suitable for the parent of four-leg kids. Sometimes, the fluffy kids are dropping down its hair and it is a kind of hard to clean that hair using usual broom. With this Microfiber dust mop you can easily collect larger debris just like your pet’s hair, dirt, and dust. It will be a perfect cleaning for your house is after you sweep the floor using the dust mop pad, you continue for deeper and thorough cleaning using wet mop pad. 

As an awareness of global campaign for eco-friendly appliances, all the Microfiber pads are washable ones. You can load it in your washing machine after it is used. Besides it support the eco-friendly campaign, it also be more economical ones compared to the disposable mop pads, you can use one pad for certain amount of time. 

This $39.98 floor cleaner kit is suitable for laminate, hardwood, tile, stone, and concrete floor tile. Cleaning up the floor is no longer requires more effort with this tool. 

Microfiber Wholesale also gives us an alternative package for floor cleaning kit. The alternate package is called Microfiber Cleaning System. Overall, this package is more complete than the previous one. It accommodates the cleaning kit not only for the floor but also for above dust cleaning. Each set of this Microfiber Cleaning system consists of (1) 16” angle Microfiber mop tool, (2) 18” Microfiber wet mops, (1) Mojave Microfiber dust mop, (1) Chenille Microfiber High Duster, (6) 12” x 12” all purpose cleaning Microfiber towels, and (1) microfiber Glass Cleaning Pack. 

With all of those things in your hand you can realize that having a clean house in short time is no longer impossible. All the mop pads you get are chemical free material, so using it with minimum chemical substance is highly recommended. The price for the alternative package is a bit higher than the previous one. It is $49.98 for each package.

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