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The more a place being hidden, the more comfort it requires. Do you agree with this statement? Let us look case by case. In a house, when we compare the comfort required by a living room and a bedroom, which one requires more comfort? Yes, you are right the bedroom requires more comfort. The reason is simple because in bedroom people spend time to relax, to take a rest after a tiring activity. Now, we step deeper on the more hidden place, bathroom. We will only focus on the toilet part that becomes the most crucial part of one’s life. It helps us in cleaning up the body through the excretion system. Realizing its crucial role, people really care about the comfort of toilet. One element determines the comfort; toilet seat. Here are two choices of toilet seat that gain many positive reviews. This can be a consideration when the time to change your toilet seat is approaching.

First, it is an American Standard manufacture titled American Standard Toilet Seats. This series is also well-known as the Champion Round Slow Closed Toilet Seat. From the official and alias name, can you guess what the feature that this toilet seat has? Crafted from the solid plastic this series offer durability to its owner. The clean, neutral, white color and sleek lines will complete any of your bathroom style easily. Whether you have contemporary, modern, even classic bathroom style this seats will flow with it. It will seat and cover all conventional round-front toilets in fit and fix position. To help us in cleaning it up, an easy removable feature is planted. It allows you to remove the seat from the toilet quickly without any tool needed. Designed in slow-close design, this standard toilet seat helps to reduce the injury risk and to prevent slamming shut of the lid. This simple yet totally helpful seat requires $36.04 for us to compensate to the manufacturer before having it.

Second, it is still coming from American Standard manufacturer. Now, we look at American Standard Bidet Seat. The alias name for this seat is AquaWash Non-electric Bidet Seat for Elongated Toilet in White. As it is indicated by its name it does not require electrical power. It is presented to us in a simple durable design, this toilet seat categorized as an easy to install one. The installation does not require any companion, moreover the instruction is attached in the package, so installing it by one person is not a big deal. The aqua wash cleaning system, support total hygiene for the users. This feature is supported by strong water pressured with adjustable spray pattern. Furthermore, the nozzles of the sprayer are detachable so, it will ease you for flexible move. Moreover this seat designs can fit most standard elongated toilet. Therefore it will create a combination of good performance in doing the personal cleaning and the great look of the simple, neutral, fit to all bathroom décor.

For this series, American Standard requires a quite high price, it is $115.00 compared to the previous series, it is a big gap, but considering the feature it is reasonable

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