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Living Room

60 Inch Flat Screen TV


Television is a family entertainment source. Though by the advance development of internet the online video channel attracts people, TV still becomes the primary source of family quality time. It is simply because on online source there are too many menus and it is kind of hard to decide one menu for the entire family. Therefore having a good quality TV is a need for a family. Here are two TV products from Samsung manufacturer that will be suitable to be placed in the living room.

The first is Samsung un60j6200 TV. This 60 inches television provides a fun experience for the spectators in the room. Made of LED screen this tv will keep its performance in all lighting conditions. Even, they are equipped with a 1080 pixels resolution and 120 motion rates. This feature allows us to gain an enjoyable picture while watching the blu-ray in its highest level of detail and offers good motion clarity in high-speed movement. Samsung is well-known for its advanced technology implementation. In order to keep the rhythm of the technology development, this TV is designed to be a smart TV. This means that you can watch streaming video from the online channel, plus you also can surf the internet using the attached web browser in it. First, make sure you already connect it to your home network. The built-in wi-fi will ease the connectivity installation. The wi-fi connectivity directs an easy connection between other devices. Transferring movie or music or just viewing photos in a bigger screen also possible through the USB. Some smartphones now is having a mirror feature in which it allows us to view the screen from other device, when you need bigger view this family flat screen can be used to view your content. All the number one feature offered by Samsung makes us wonder what about the energy consumption? Luckily, this TV is equipped with a eco sensor ability that will detect the light intensity in the room and automatically adjust the TV’s brightness. To help you in watching your kids, this TV also offers the way to filter the program. The built-in V chips heps you to block TV content based on its rating and let you check the rating of the unfamiliar program. The dolby digital plus sound technology let you enjoy the sound of each program in maximum performance. The HDMI and USB input cables are sold separately. The price to bring this TV home is $699.99

The other choice is Samsung ku6300 4k tv. It has similar feature with the previous TV. That wide LED flat screen allows you to have the unforgettable experience of watching TV. The 4k code means that everything you see in the screen looks 4X sharper than the full HD. The slim design eliminates all barriers when we watch through the TV. The adjustable color and contrast menu let us pick the most suitable picture composition. As a smart TV this ku6300 series offer a simple access to live TV, video streaming, and apps in one place using the smart hub. And all of it can be operated through a single remote control. You are asked to prepare $1,197.99 to bring this TV home.

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