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2 1 2 inch Drawer Pulls


Installing new kitchen cabinet might be bringing new atmosphere to your house. However the issue about it will be it is still too hard when you need something inside it since the knob or the handle of each cabinet is not yet installed. Before finally choosing certain type of handle for your cabinet, here are two drawer pulls (can be used in cabinet also). Each of them is coming from different brand. So, take a closer look on them.

First, we will look up on the collection of Liberty. The handle offered by this brand is named as Liberty Satin Nickel Cup Pull. As it is indicated by its name, this handle is in the shape of cup and manufactured finished in satin nickel brushed. The finishing technique is making the cup look soft and has classic side. However the strong ambiance after looking on this handle is ‘this will complement casual style in my kitchen,’ the simple casual atmosphere is felt strongly after looking into this collection. Having two center-to-center options, both 2-1/2 and 3 inches it gives you more choice while installing it. As you might already know, center to center is the distance between center of left and right screw holes. This is a small, simple thing that may cause trouble in the future when it is not well installed. Along with the purchasing package, you will also receive a set of machine screw (8-32 x 1 in.) to ensure that you will have easy installation experience. 

When you need this handle to replace your old handle, things to consider is also the center to center distance. It is suggested that you find the replacement that has same measurement on center to center. Since you already have the supporting hole to plant your old handle, having different size of handle means that you need to make a new supporting holes in your cabinet. 

This $4.98 satin nickel handle will definitely complement any of your kitchen decoration. Pairing it with dark finish kitchen cabinet will make a great combination. The satin nickel finish will beautifully contrast the dark canvas of the cabinet.

The second choice for cabinet handle is the collection of Glide Rite Hardware. The official code for the handle is Classic Bin Cabinet Pulls. This zinc material cup shape handle brings classical atmosphere to its surrounding. Finished in dark oil rubbed bronze this little thing will be a touch of classical ambience to your kitchen cupboard. However, it could be the touch of modernity also when you have more classical kitchen cabinet. These unique handle will be a kind of alternative makeover to your kitchen without requiring a big budget. 

It seems that Glide Rite Hardware wants to ensure that each of the handle is in its best performance. To prove that, Glide Rite packs each handle in an individual bag. This packing system is applied to avoid damage on the finishing technique of each handle. Each handle is backed up with limited lifetime warranty. Therefore, spending $3.99 on each of this Classic Cabinet pull will be a worth spending fund.

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